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SSAO would be nice
Author Text

Registered User
2019-10-30 15:14:19

It's a small thing, but it seems crazy that in this day and age CopperCube doesn't, in the very least, offer screen space ambient occlusion.
It would just sweeten the look of things that much more.

Registered User
2019-10-30 16:09:50

In general, CC is missing so many things and the likelihood of a meaningful update coming out any time soon is 99% unlikely now... Ridiculous. Save your time and don't waste your time with this program. The developer's priorities are evidently allocated to his indie games which always get mixed reception at best upon release...

2019-11-03 20:34:12

Download reshade.

Registered User
2019-11-04 14:15:41

Niko has obviously abandoned Coppercube. Shame.


Registered User
2019-11-05 09:35:37

It should say a lot about this "engine" when you have to resort to external applications and injectors in order to accomplish the most basic stuff...

2019-11-11 20:00:21

All game engines require external / third party plugins. code etc...

Coppercube is no different...

In fact I believe that Niko has abandoned this project because coppercube is compatible with so many third party tools...

I even got a single sign on with wordpress and coppercube working.

Coppercube is amazing.

I am sure it will be opensourced soon...If so, that would be even better because it opens up so many doors!!

Registered User
2019-11-12 05:08:37

a ccb is one of the best engine i have found.

She is so in need of updating.

The developer must look for a different form of earning and needs all that they need.

other engines like godot get support and practice and act faster because they are open source.

there is another form of license with a mechanism or development can and should win with it but ... if it uses a form that attracts more people and developers then coppercube has fewer bugs ... more features.

This is what makes the engine stop the engine because it is light and easy ... and has javascript.

but it urgently needs a dx11 ... better lighting.

save the editor layout.

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