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A small but neat advice

Registered User
2020-02-29 01:14:05

When working with many many many assets in a scene, you might now that you can create folders to sort them (by right-click on the scene name).

What's been frustrating to me has been the difficulty to drag objects in the scenegraph to reach the folder in which to place it. Before, I expanded the scene graph to max, dragged the object to the top object (making it a child), adjusting the scroll bar, then drag the object further up, etc, until the folder was visible.


Now. I found out that by pressing and holding left mouse on the object in the scene graph AND using the mouse scroll wheel simultaneously, I can quickly reach anywhere in the graph and release the object in the proper folder!

Now, for the scenegraph, I just wish for ability to:
1. Select AND move several objects within the scengraph
2. A visually stronger colour on the object in the scenegraph when selected in the scene (it's currently a vague light grey colour barely visible, while by selecting in the scene graph gives us a distinct colour blue)
3. Ideally a search bar (really useful when lots of stuff)

Registered User
2022-04-30 22:13:46

Also "PageUP/PageDown" does the same, handy for laptop users with no middle-mouse-button.

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