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Problems with reverb and recurring sounds

Registered User
2020-08-19 15:03:14

Hello, I'm new here. First of all, I would like to thank Ambiera for making this library available, it is really helping a lot in what i am doing.

I am making an application that keeps playing different sounds constantly, including some being recurrent and sometimes even simultaneous, this works smoothly.

Whenever I play a sound, I add a reverb effect, if it exists, it can be the same, or a different one, and there is an inconsistency in that, the same sound, playing with the same reverb, sometimes playing without the effect, sometimes with the effect.

In addition, if I change the reverb values, it continues to play with the previous values, even though it is a new instance of the same sound.

Below is the code used.

if (this.element.Is3d)
var position = this.GetPosition();

sound = ElementPlayer.engine.Play3D(soundPath, position.X, 0, position.Y, false, true,
StreamMode.Streaming, !this.element.BypassEffects);
sound = ElementPlayer.engine.Play2D(soundPath, false, true, StreamMode.Streaming,
if (reverb != null)
var control = sound.SoundEffectControl;
if (control != null)
control.EnableI3DL2ReverbSoundEffect(reverb.Room, reverb.RoomHf, reverb.RoomRolloffFactor,
reverb.DecayTime, reverb.DecayHfRatio, reverb.Reflections, reverb.ReflectionsDelay,
reverb.Reverb, reverb.ReverbDelay, reverb.Diffusion, reverb.Density, reverb.HfReference);
sound.Paused = false;

some extra information:
1 - I already debugged the code and checked that reserb is never null
2 - if, before calling the Play* function, I place a call to the RemoveAllSoundSources function, the reverb works correctly, but I suppose it is a bad practice, since other sounds will be playing at the moment.

2020-08-21 07:56:33

This sounds like a bug in your sound driver, which implements the reverb. This effect is not done by irrKlang itself but by DirectSound, and this again depends on the audio hardware/driver you have.
You could try if the behavior is the same on another PC to verfiy.

Registered User
2020-08-22 14:59:35

Thanks for the answer. I will try.

I just don't understand why when I remove all the sources, it plays correctly at every moment.

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