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Some sounds play high pitched/high frequency/as artifacts

2020-08-22 01:02:09

Kind of hard to describe, but about half of my sounds play that way with irrKlang.

I tried using ESOD_WIN_MM when creating and I tried manually setting the playback speed to 0.0 and then 1.0 but neither helped.

I've also tried preloading the culprit sounds.

Everything either repeats indefinitely or goes completely quiet when I create with ESEO_LOAD_PLUGINS.

It seems to happen to shorter impacts sounds (a few seconds long) since music and voices play just fine.

I'm using c++ win32. Thanks in advance!

2020-09-04 07:53:52

Maybe the sound file format is somehow broken. Try another file format or re-encode them and see if it helps.

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