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This is for Niko.
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Registered User
2020-11-18 17:37:06

But if you know how to please respond.

I want to add functions to copper cube through javascript.
example: cofigicar a different light or meterial say that in the pure javascript browser there you want that in the copper cube is possible? or a function of an adetermine engine game javascript you isolate it and modify it to copper cube and add how it behaved or something similar is possible?

Registered User
2020-11-19 06:27:13

I am not Niko, But a simple answer to your post is,
yes you can add new materials to coppercube using javascript but for that you have to use either hlsl or glsl shading to first create a material using this platform specific shader's language , then you can use javascript to apply that material onto any object in coppercube...

See the Coppercube Documentation on creating Shaders for more Info.

Regarding your Second Question I Didn't understand it clearly, You want to modify some other's engine script and want to use it in Coppercube. If that is the question then it totally depends on the engine's scripting, how it was scripted for other engine.

Basically you use the logics from other enegine's and based on those logic you script things for your game or for whatever you are working on.

Hope that answers your Question.

Registered User
2020-11-19 08:15:23

Thank you!

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