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32-bit coppercobe6.4
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Registered User
2021-01-12 12:23:51

We hope to get 32-bit coppercobe6.4; after research, we found that using ResHacker_ setup.exe Extracting the bin157 file of copper 6.4 and replacing the bin157 file of copper 6.3 can generate 32-bit copper 6.4. But it seems that the generated EXE file is still 64 bit. I hope Niko can optimize it and provide the formal 32-bit coppercobe6.4. Declaration: please buy genuine software to install, then use this 32-bit file to unzip and copy it to the directory of copper6.3 to run coppercube6.4 on 32-bit system. If this post violates your system security agreement, please

2021-01-13 12:16:06

Just for the record:

I would be very interested in further 32bit support by Coppercube 6.4+, too.

This would be very important & handy for my game-dev situation.

So I hope for it ...

Registered User
2021-01-14 05:48:01

This is a 32-bit version 6.4, I hope you can continue to optimize it.
[url] [/ url]

Registered User
2022-03-26 23:21:39

In case it matters to anyone, I had hoped this version would work on my old Windows XP, which is 32 bit.

It does not. Trying to install it gets the complaint "Not a valid Win32 application".

2022-03-28 03:03:10

The 6.4 removed 32 bit support for a reason. That reason being for coppercube to be 64 bit. If you want 6.4 as 32 bit, youre delusional and dumb. The year is 2022. Why on earth do you still insist on 32 bits? If you dont have a 64 bit system, then use the 6.3 version. As simple as that.

2022-03-28 06:30:48

Coppercube 64 bits uses much Ram memory.

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