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(bug report) clicking on text colour open unclickable, off-screen dialogue box.
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Registered User
2021-09-22 19:47:43

Basically as I said. I do have multiple monitors. When I click on the button on the top toolbar to change current text colour, it opens up the colour selection box on my other monitor, off the top, and with only the "ok" and "cancel" buttons visible in a tiny font.

I can't move it between monitors, and I can't drag it to a better position.

Not sure what the default for opening it is, but this is somewhat frustrating for sure. I did find a third party app that lets me drag windows around, but I have to use it every time to access this one - as much like customising the other menus, RocketCake doesn't save the positions for when I reopen the programme.


2021-09-24 12:39:16

Thanks, will see if this can be improved.

Registered User
2021-09-25 18:24:09

If it helps, I see that by making this monitor the "main" monitor in Windows Display settings, the popup behaves as expected. I guess the popup ALWAYS appears on the "main" monitor, instead of the "active" one...

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