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FOV help

Registered User
2021-11-15 00:08:23

I want to create the code for enemy ai with copperlicht for coppercube 6.4. I have a treasure hoard of animated 3d meshes from the Unity Asset store, mixamo, and owning gameguru.
I have modified actions and behaviors for coppercube in javascript to suit my needs.
I've much more experience with coppercube than copperlicht, but when I was reading through the API in the copperlicht documentation, I found references to a 4x4 matrix and FOV.
The enemy I want to make would hide behind objects, and try to stay out of the player's (an Coppercube FPS camera) FOV, and try to ambush the player.
Does anyone know how to do that? Can you help me with some code???

2021-11-16 17:07:28


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