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Image Size Reducer Pro

Convert pictures, reduce image sizes, batch convert multiple photos.

Image Size Reducer Pro is a converter tool which can reduce and convert 50 different file formats.

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Batch convert all your files at once

Select multiple files, choose the converting options like the compression rate or a new file format and click 'Convert'. Process hundreds of files with just a few clicks. It can't be simpler.

Resize Pictures and Reduce Image Sizes
With Image File Reducer, you can simply resize your images and reduce their file size, while keeping the image quality.

Supported File Formats

Image Size Reducer supports the following file 50 file formats and 86 extensions:

File FormatExtensionsRead Write 
JPEG image format.jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .jfif, .jp2, .jpc, .j2k, .jpx, .j2c++
Windows bitmap.bmp, .vga, .rl4, .rl8, .sys, .dib, .rle++
Compuserve graphics.gif++
Portable Network graphics.png++
Truevision targa.tga, .vst, .vda, .icb, .tpic++
ZSoft pcx image.pcx++
Digital Negative.dng+ 
Adobe Photoshop bitmap.psd, .pdd++
Alias Wavefront RLE image.pix+ 
Canon Digital Camera Raw Image Format (CR2).cr2, .crw+ 
SMPE DPX.dpx++
Multipage ZSoft Paintbrush.dcx++
Dicom Medicine Image.dcm, .dicom, .dic, .acr+ 
Dr Halo.cut+ 
Fuji CCD-RAW Graphic File.raf+ 
Group 3 FAX.g3++
JPEG Network Graphics.jng++
Joint Bi-level Image format.jbg, .jbig, .jb2++
Kodak Digital Camera Raw Image Format.k25, .kdc, .dcr+ 
Photo CD.pcd++
Apple Quickdraw picture.pct, .pict, .pic++
Minolta photo RAW.mrw+ 
Windows cursor.cur++
Windows icon.ico++
MTV raytracing.mtv++
Multiple image network.mng++
Nikon Digital SLR Camera RAW.nef+ 
Olympus Digital Camera RAW.orf+ 
Pentax Digital Photo RAW.pef+ 
Palm pixmap.pdb++
Portable bitmap.pbm, .pnm++
Portable pixmap.ppm, .pnm++
Portable anymap.pam++
Portable float format.pfm++
Portable graymap.pgm++
Sony Alpha Raw.arw, .srf, .sr2+ 
Sun RasterFile.sun, .ras++
Utah Run length encoded.rle+ 
Vicar rasterfile.vic, .vicar++
Alias Wavefront image.rla+ 
Wireless Bitmap.wbmp, .wbm++
Word Perfect Graphics.wpg+ 
Sigma Camera RAW.x3f+ 
Gimp image.xcf+ 
X Windows pixmap.xpm++
MATLAB image.mat++
Irix RGB image.sgi++
Scalable Vector Graphics.svg +
Compr. Scalable Vector.svgz +

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