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RocketCake 2.2 released!

This update of the free responsive website designer fixes mostly a few problems with macOS Mojave:
  • macOS: For some users, combo boxes like the font or device selection didn't work on Mojave. This is fixed now.
  • macOS: RocketCake is now a 64bit only application.
  • Updated Japanese translation
You can download it here.

RocketCake 2.1 released!

This update of the free responsive website designer includes new features and bug fixes. You can download it here. Details:
  • SFTP support

    Added support for SFTP file uploading. When using the built-in website uploading mechanism, SFTP is now also supported in addition to FTP. (Note that this won't work on the Mac App Store version of RocketCake)

  • More fonts

    The editor now can load and display a lot more system fonts
  • Better Peformance

    The repainting after a view port adjustment now is much faster

  • Lots of smaller improvements everywhere

    • Modernized UI quite a bit at different places
    • Improved progress dialog for Windows 10 when previewing and uploading to the web
    • Improved some of the translations
    • When uploading files, the uploading progress dialog no longer blocks error message or password entry dialogs, which it did previously on some systems
    • Fixed a wrongly positioned slider on macOS Sierra, High Sierra and newer
    • Fixed a minor layout problem in the editor where the text below image galleries could sometimes not shown at the correct position
    • Fixed a bug causing headings when used together with master pages not to have the correct paddings sometimes
    • Fixed a problem which caused menus in mobile mode not to open on some devices, when there was more than one navigation menu used on a page at the same time
    • Fixed the special text insert symbol menu to now display fine also on High Sierra and newer

RocketCake 2.0 released!

This update of the free responsive website designer includes a lot of new features. You can download it here.
Note that if you are using the professional edition, you need to upgrade your license, but there is a discount for existing users.
New in this release:
  • Multi level sub menus

    The navigation menu now supports multiple levels of sub menus: You can now create another level of menus below any sub menu, making it possible to create more complex websites easily.

  • More devices supported

    Added support for iPhone 8, iPhone 7+, iPhone 8+, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, LG G4, LG G5
  • Improved image gallery

    Image galleries now support navigation buttons, which, when enabled make it possible to go through all images of the gallery using mouse clicks or keyboard buttons. They are optional and turned on by default.

  • Improved slide shows

    You can now specify hyperlinks for each image, which open when the user clicks on the active image in the slideshow.
  • Lots of new and updated templates

    There are now 15 free templates to choose from and base your designs on, if you like.

  • Better table support

    HTML tables in the editor are now easier to use and design. Also the layout is now more exact and looks like the result you get in the final browser, which wasn't always the case in earlier versions. It is now also possible to copy and paste table cells from one table into another one.

  • Better Navigation Menu

    The navigation menu now has a new property named 'SubMenuSpacing', which makes the space between sub menu entries a bit bigger, and easier to work with on with mobile devices. If you are importing a website created with RocketCake 1, your menu entries will become a bit bigger because of this. If you don't like that, set the 'SubMenuSpacing' back to 0.
    Also, the mobile menu now has a sub menu telling the user that it needs to be filled manually.
  • Enhanced Password Protection

    If you enable the integrated password protection system for your website, the new generated login pages now also include a precreated way to display a "wrong password!" message, which you can also customize, if you like.

  • Placehoder support

    Text edit fields (=inputs) now support placeholders, this is the gray text which appears when no text was entered.

  • Selectable HTML Version

    RocketCake now supports HTML 5 and HTML 4, which you can select in the options dialog. If you have a website created with RocketCake 1 and import it into RocketCake 2, and some spaces, margins or font sizes don't look as before, you can switch to the other HTML version easily, which usually helps then.

  • Improved compatibiltiy with more browsers

    Websites generated are now more compatible, faster and use less memory on some newer browsers such as the latest Chrome or Firefox Quantum.
  • M4A support

    HTML 5 audio elements now support MPEG-4 Audio M4A files.
  • HTTPS for Youtube and others

    Elements such as embedded youtube video elements now support the HTTPS protocol
  • Numeric input

    Numeric text inputs are now supported. Just set the 'type' of a text edit field to 'numeric'.
  • More Shortcuts

    New supported key shortcuts, for example "Shift Delete", "Shift Insert" and "Control Insert" as alternative to existing Cut, Copy and Paste shortcuts
  • Lots of other, smaller improvements

    • Some web servers cannot handle css files named like "example.html.css" correctly, so RocketCake now generates a name like "example_html.css" instead for those.
    • The HTML/PHP/JavaScript/CSS code editors now reopen with the the user specified sizes if changed
    • Generated file names can now include hyphens, which makes sense for SEO and similar
    • Startup window size is now bigger on large screens
    • Updated and improved several website templates
    • Improved polish translation
    • Radio button checked state is now correctly displayed in the editor
    • Generated image gallery code is more nicely readable now

RocketCake 1.5 released!

This update of the free responsive website designer includes new features and bug fixes. You can download it here. Details:
  • Simple image reloading

    There is now a new command for reloading all the used images from disk. Use the menu File -> Reload all images for this.

  • Built-in Password protection

    You can now easily password protect your webpages by adding the "password protection" element onto your page. You can add an unlimited amount of users and passwords for those. There is also a new tutorial showing how to use this new feature.

  • Improved HTML Code Generation

    Generated HTML Code now looks much nicer structured at several places.

  • New free Templates

    Added a lot of new free website templates: For restaurants, hotels, consultants, and more.

  • Better slide show

    The slide show element now is a lot more flexible and easier to use. It has a new default image adjusting mode: 'Cover'. It adjusts the scale of the shown image always according to width or height automatically, so that no gap is shown. That way, you don't need any breakpoints for your slideshow to make them look good on very small screens, they will always look nicely.
    In order to make it adjust to the aspect ratio of the image, you can also use the 'auto' property for its height.

  • Lots of other, smaller improvements

    • It is now possible to quickly move the cursor in the text between words by holding down control while pressing the cursor keys
    • It is now possible to copy and paste website pages using the clipboard
    • Most templates now also have sub pages and are easier to customize.
    • The editor now only asks for confirmation when you close it when there are unsaved changes.
    • The heading number can now be adjusted in the property window for heading elements
    • Fixed a bug causing heading numbers not to be set correctly when copying and pasting

  • RocketCake 1.4 released!

    This is an update including new features and bug fixes. You can download it here. Details:
    • New free website templates

      There are again two new templates available: One for a business/lawyer website, the second one for a holiday/nature style website.
    • Faster website upload

      When publishing your website to the internet, RocketCake now only uploads changed files, if wanted. So making small changes to your website is now much, much faster.
    • Built-in automatic image resizing

      If you add an image which is unnecessary huge for a website, RocketCake now offers you to resize that image automatically, making your website smaller and load much faster.
    • New 'static' gallery mode

      The gallery has now an additional new open mode: 'none'. Which when selected, causes that the gallery pictures are not clickable and cannot be made bigger.
    • Improved image quality

      The preview image quality of the built-in image gallery is now much higher
    • Smart quote filter

      MacOS smart pasted text and smart quotes are now automatically detected and replaced when used inside PHP, JavaScript, HTML or CSS code.
    • Compatibility with more PHP web servers

      External PHP css files now have the extension filename_php.css instead of filename.php.css before, because some servers would try to run the .css file as PHP file.
    • Unsaved changes indicator

      The editor now has an indicator showing if there are unsaved changes in the document
    • Generator Meta Tag removal

      If you want, you can now remove the 'generator=rocketcake' meta tag for every page: In the 'additional code in the header' section of the code of the website, write the keyword disableRocketCakeGeneratorTag This keyword will be filtered out, and cause the generator tag to disappear for that page.
    • Mobile menu now shown earlier

      The mobile navigation menu is now shown by default a bit earlier (on screens smaller than 380). This can can be adjusted of course in the settings of the menu.
    • Several minor changes

      - several performance improvements
      - sub menu texts of right or center aligned navigation menus now also are correctly left aligned
      - fixed an invalid preview of the navigation menu when text is longer than screen
      - Fixed a layout glitch causing text floating around images with a margin not to be positioned
      correctly somtimes, if 'right align', 'justify' or 'center' was selected.
    • Translation updates

      Updated several translations including Farsi, Italian, German and Frensh

    RocketCake 1.3 released!

    This is an update including new features and a few minor bug fixes. You can download it here. Details:
    • Text Shadows

      Added support for Text Shadows. Just right-click any text and select the 'Text-Shadow' option, or use the button in the text style bar. Of course, every aspect from color, alpha, blur and offset can be adjusted easily.
    • Better button creation dialog

      There is now a nicer button creation dialog with lots of new precreated button styles to choose from.
    • Improved Rendering engine

      Adding huge images into your website was slowing down the editor quite a lot, sometimes. This is now not anymore the case, the editor now runs very fast, even for very big images with alpha channels.
    • Updated templates

      Updated a few older templates to look more modern and use the new features in this update.
    • More mobile devices supported

      Added preview settings for iPhone 6(s) Plus, iPhone 7, iPad pro, Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, Note 3, Note 4. Of course RocketCake generated websites still work nicely on every other device.
    • Better font and fallback font support

      For example the default comic sans now uses better fall backs which also work nicely on Android and iOS devices.
    • Other, smaller changes

      • Submenus in the navigation menu can now have a target applied to their hyperlink.
      • The default size of newly created text is now a bit bigger by default. (12 instead of 10)
      • Documentation included in the app now is html based, instead of .chm previously, so you can now read the documentation and tutorials in any browser.
      • Fixed a bug causing pasting elements into another page not to work on some macos systems, sometimes.

      RocketCake 1.2 released!

      This is a small update including new features and bug fixes. You can download it here. Details:
      • New free website templates

        Added two new website templates. Additionally, a few existing templates have been updated to make them look a bit more modern.
      • Radio Buttons

        Added support for radio buttons for use in web forms. Previously, only check boxes were supported.
      • Improved Master/Client page code support

        Additional code inserted in header now also appears if the page is a client of a master page.
      • Other, smaller changes

        Various smaller bug fixes here and there.

      RocketCake 1.1 released!

      This is a small update including several requested new features and bug fixes. You can download it here. Details:
      • New slide show animation modes

        There are now 3 animation modes for the slide show: Fade, slide and direct switch.
      • Improved Galleries

        Galleries can now have texts, describing each image. And Gallery images now can also have round corners.
      • Headings

        Added support for Heading (H1, H2, H3) tags. This is quite useful for SEO, and was one of the most requested features.
      • Other, smaller changes

        • Breakpoints defined in pages used as master pages themselves will now work as well.
        • There is now an option to skip uploading big embedded files, like videos.
        • HTML 5 video files can now be selected using a file selection dialog
        • Fixed a bug causing the WYSIWYG editor display images with auto-height with a wrong height sometimes if MaxWidth was set.
        • Improved farsi translation

      Thanks for all the feedback from the beta testers! We are trying to add new features and your suggested ideas with subsequent free updates.

      RocketCake 1.0 released!

      The first official stable release (=non-beta version) of the free responsive website designer is now available, download it here. It includes all bug fixes of all bugs reported by users of the betas. We also added the following new features:
      • Mac OS X sandbox support

        RocketCake now also works nicely when the Mac OS X Sandbox is enabled.
      • Available in the Mac App Store

        If you prefer not manually downloading apps from our website, RocketCake Professional is now also available in the Mac App Store.
      • Other, smaller changes

        • All user reported bugs from the betas have been fixed.
        • The Mac OS X .app is now a bit smaller and starts faster.
        • The Windows version also works nice on Windows 10 (there was a minor glitch causing the startup screen to look displaced sometimes)

      Thanks for all the feedback from the beta testers! We are trying to add new features and your suggested ideas with subsequent free updates.

      RocketCake Beta 2 released

      The second beta release of the free responsive website designer is now available, download it here. It includes the following features:
      • Mac OS X support

        RocketCake now also runs on Mac OS X.
      • Performance improvements

        Besides other optimizations, resizing the view is now about 20 times faster and makes working in the editor much easier.
      • Other, smaller changes

        • Displaying of fallback fonts now is also supported in the editor
        • Added menu command to add non-breaking space into text
        • Bug fixes:
          • Fixed bug causing style and hyperlink changes not to work sometimes.
          • Fixed a problem where text directly inside pages sometimes could cause scrollbars not to be visible
          • Fixed a problem causing embedded youtube videos not to work correctly sometimes when the url contains a time marker
          • Fixed a problem causing some Windows versions report an error reported like this: "configuration of tiled mode of the application is incorrect"
          • Fixed a bug causing the 'add new entry' in the navigation menu to be shown in a wrong color somtime
          • Fixed other various minor bugs

      Remember, this is a beta release: The editor still might have bugs. Please report them, also any other feedback is welcome!

      RocketCake Beta 1 released

      The first public release of the free responsive website designer is now available, download it here. It includes the following features:
      • WYSIWYG Editor

        You are able to edit your website as it looks on the final screen. Also, you can change the view width in realtime to any device size, see how your website reacts, and even change how it reacts that way:
      • Free

        As announced previously, we made this editor free. You can create any websites and work with it for free. Just download and go.
        But there is also a purchaseable professional edition available with some more advanced, rarely used features. It is available for a big discount during the beta. This is how we fund further development of the editor.
      • For beginners and experts

        The editor is designed to be used easily by people without any HTML or CSS knowledge. It includes all the elements to create professional websites: image galleries, slideshows, resizable containers, buttons, HTML 5 video, audio, and more. You don't need to be a web developer to use it. But it is also a great tool for web developers, making their work much easier.
      • Breakpoint Editor

        The integrated breakpoint editor makes it possible to adjust style and position changes for each individual element easily. With the slider on the bottom of the page, you can try out your changes instantly. Or alternatively, click the 'preview' button and try your change directly in your browser.
      • Clean code generation

        RocketCake is a designer. It generates HTML, CSS and sometimes also JavaScript code from your design. It tries to create as clean and nicely readable code as possible. However, there are drawbacks:

        • Generated websites don't use any external framework, are as clean and minimal as possible, but also try to be backwards compatible to work with as many browsers as possible.
        • Sometimes it is not possible to make the code clearer by inserting spaces and new lines because at certain places, browsers need to treat this whitespace as DOM elements, modifying how the page looks. RocketCake detects those places and doesn't insert spaces and newlines there, so the code might look ugly at some spots.
        • Using the generated website as base for your own work should be no problem. But be sure to link your own stuff in there either using the integrated 'Additional HTML/CSS code editor' or external files, so that your manual changes won't get overwritten when regenerating.
      • Pre-created Styles and Buttons

        The editor makes it easy to create buttons and shapes of various styles, without the need to edit any complicated CSS gradient settings and similar. It also comes with an array of precreated styles to choose from and to modify:
      • Lots of templates

        There are various templates included in the editor. Feel free to base your website on one of them. And if you like to improve the editor, feel free to send in your own templates, so that others can use your work.
      • Tutorials

        There are a few tutorials showing how to use the editor. The editor is quite new, so we will be adding more soon.
      • Lots of built-in device previews

        • Apple iPhone 3-6
        • Samsung Galaxy S - S5
        • Apple iPad 1-4 (+/- mini)
        • Samsung Galaxy Tab 2-3 (+/- mini)
        • Various LG Nexus'
        • Desktop (PC/Mac/etc)
        • and more

      Remember, this is a beta release: The editor still might have bugs. Please report them, also any other feedback is welcome!

      older news:

      Website public, Beta to come soon

      The first version of the website of RocketCake is now public. We will release a public beta of the software soon as well. Here are some details:
      • RocketCake will be free for basic use.
      • There will be a professional edition, which includes some more advanced, rarely used features which you can purchase. Somehow, the development of this software needs to be funded as well.
      • Our internal beta test has gone well so far. We can't say a public release date yet, but it will be soon.

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