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Yo a multiplayer simple soccer game ?

FreeDOM Games
2022-07-17 13:56:25

Hello and welcome, cc dev

is it possible to create an simple soccer game ?

when i say simple its really really simple just two players vs two players, play online, with some movements and jumping like rocket league, is it possibe, is there any behaviors for this ?

And the most important is there a multiplayer supports for coppercube games ?

And Thanks -Adnan

Registered User
2022-07-17 15:01:08

Yes it's on link video tutorial that will help understand.

FreeDOM Games
2022-07-17 15:13:17

Yea i already checked this, but its fine

Registered User
2022-07-17 17:20:19


Is it doable? - yes.

Is it easy to do - nope.

It's easy to create a simple single player game, but networking will be the issue. The main probliem is that all network capatibilities of ccb is limited to one "send http request function", and there are actually only GET request you can send.

You're making a fast paced pvp game. I see a couple of issues you should overcome:
1. CCB provides only client part. So you need a third party server application;
2. There is no network framework - you only have your GET call;
3. You can't just send your data every frame - this http function is very slow. Even if your server is on the same machine as your client you will have 50 ms delay. The over way - you can use a WebGL target and enjoy modern networking in the browser, but in this case you will not be able to use physics engine, because it only works with win and macos targets;
4. How do you calculate your physics? You can either calculate it inside dedicated served application or you can make one of "clients" sort of a host which handles all physics. You have 2 issues with the first approach:
4.1 You can rewrite all physics logic inside the server application and only send clients precalcualted data - this means you have to re-implement ball physics yourself and somehow synchronize it with coppercube (i.e. it moves the same distance with the same speed);
4.2 You can use another instance of coppercube to be sort of a server. The issue is that you can't run two instances of it on one machine at the same time. Coppercube game stops as soon as the application loses focus. Coppercube also doesn't have a headless mode;
One issue with client is a host:
4.3 Host will always have an advantage since it has 0 delay;
5. As soon as you figured these out you need to implement all the stuff like: lag compensation, entity interpolation, client prediction and etc to make you game feel smooth. These do not come from the box. You can read more details here for ex: And remember you only have tcp, so no fast udp calls;
6. Yep, and also synchronization. You need to somehow sync server with client at every game start;

I.e. I'd better not.

FreeDOM Games
2022-07-17 20:06:56

All of this mean, that coppercube isnt the good game engine for this type of games, mmm is there any game engine for mid end pc with nvidia quadro k510M 1GB DDR5, and intel core i7 4th gen, i used unity before but its taking forever to load, and okeoke thank u so much for ur time

2022-07-18 11:33:10

Coppercube can be useful for online turn base games, but you cannot create real time multiplayer games with it. Unless you can create a websocket on your server and connect to it with coppercube. I doubt that it is possible or not.

Registered User
2022-07-18 14:17:57

In defence of CCB you can actually use websocket. There are two ways of doing that:

1. Use WebGL target. You can use all modern browsers capacities that way. You can also wrap your game with electron js or nw.js to sort of run it as a desktop app. The downside is that you won't be able to use some of coppercube features like physics for ex. This is also an industry standard now, because that's what blizzard did with the ingame menu of their award winning w3: reforged (jk);

2. Use a 3rd party app to create a websocket connection and then communicate to it using the disk system. A demo of this approach is here:

Both are doable and both are sort of workarounds.

These http method is not that bad if we're talking about PvE games there players interact more with environment than with each other. It's hard to make a PvP game.

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