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Black lights

2022-09-07 03:49:51

For those who don't know that you can cast black light in CC, and can use them to simulate fake blob shadows.

Simply make the radius of anypoint light to negative and it will start casting black light, while changing the pointlight color to black will have no effect on the object.

Recently one of my Discord member asked how to cast black light, So I thought of putting this here so that other who want to do the same can use this.

Hope this helps someone who wants to use point lights with black color.

2022-09-07 03:56:21

I've already tried this before, but the problem with this method is you need a lot of polygons to make the effect look smooth, which is very intensive on performance. Maybe it would look and perform better with your light shader though, but i've also found another way to have blob shadows on characters, you can either use a static plane with a transparent blob texture on it and place it as a child node for the main character, or you can use billboards with the same blob texture attached to the character's feet bones, which imo looks kinda bad but is a quick solution for having shadows other than the default coppercube realtime shadows that are super intensive on performance.

2022-09-07 04:16:52

yeah, infact I myself had used transparent plane texture with the shadows in my beat'em up demo. If you have seen that. Yeah, realtime shadows in CC are not that great, as they use stencil buffers and don't do any raytracing. maybe with DX11 support we will have ray tracing and better shadows support.

Wish if CC, can be ported to use current version of irrlicht. RIght now it uses very old version of irrlicht with limited features. but it can be easily extended with skilled developers. hope many people dive into the source code of CC and will help it grow better.

2022-09-07 04:38:51

Yup, 100% agreed with that, but i'm not sure sure about the ray tracing part, since i guess coppercube is supposed to be designed as an engine that runs on the worst potato PCs out there, but yeah it would be great to have an update with better material workflow and a lot more features in general like support for cubemaps, better level editor, an included shader editor, more behaviors, better UI, support for ragdolls, support for navmeshes, and many more... Although you are already doing a fantastic job on keeping this engine alive with all of the assets on, and I would like to very much thank you for your awesome work.

2022-09-07 09:14:23

Thank you. Your tip is very helpfull

Yes , you can use planemesh with png texture for fake shadow.
But consider that it only works well on flat ground, if the ground is unflat, or if, for example, our character jumps and moves away from the ground, then this shadow that is attached to it will not be placed on the ground and It also goes up..
I think the method introduced by is better and looks a little more realistic. The only problem is that we can use a limited number of dynamic lights at the same time

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