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Turn point lights on and off
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2022-09-28 20:32:31

Im trying to make a program that turns off and on a light when I click a switch. I have been trying to use the show/hide node but it doesn't work. Please note that i am using the light mapping tab. Can someone please help me?

2022-09-28 20:46:52

You need to attach the show/hide action on another node other than the lightnode.
It is always better to attach all your hide/show actions to the root scenenode.

once the light gets hidden, it will no longer be able to execute the action/behavior that is attached to it.

2022-09-29 22:48:31

If you are using CopperCube lightmapping then you have select "Static" as the light type.
Static types do not receive any changing light sources like point lights during the game.
If you want to use changing light sources during your game you have to use 'Dynamic' as the light type.

If you needed both then you could prebake the lightmapping in Blender over the old texture and then in CopperCube make use of dynamic lighting if you wanted but its not possible to do both in CopperCube at the same time.

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