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Features of CopperCube

Lightweight All-in-one Solution

CopperCube is a complete 3D authoring tool which includes all the features you need for creating games for multiple platforms. And it is light-weight: The whole editor including everything just needs about 70 MB, and your finished created game is just one small .exe file. Or a just 200 KB sized .js file in case of WebGL.

Most easy to use 3D engine

There is no easier software for creating 3D games. It is easy for beginners and fun for experienced users. You don't even have to write code in order to use it. Just click everything together.

Windows, MacOS, WebGL and Android

With CopperCube, you can create apps and/or 3D websites - without programming:

  ● Windows (.exe) apps
  ● WebGL websites (.html)
  ● Mac OS X (.app) apps
  ● Android (.apk) apps

Of course, apps created with CopperCube can freely be sold.

Fast Single Click Web or App Deployment

Want to create an application from your 3D scene?

 ● Import your 3D files into CopperCube
 ● Edit your scene in the editor
 ● Select the platform like 'WebGL' or 'Windows .exe'
 ● Click 'Publish' and wait about one second.

Done! CopperCube is incredible easy and fast.

Terrain editor

CopperCube includes a terrain editor. Terrain can be drawn with height painting tools directly in the editor, textures can be painted quickly with automatic texture blending into the terrain. There are also tools for placing grass and bushes, and for distributing meshes automatically over the terrain.

Realtime Shadows and Static Lighting

CopperCube supports realtime shadows AND static light/shadow calculations. They can even be mixed, if you like. Add a nice atmosphere to your game by just clicking a checkbox to enable realtime shadows, or calculate static lighting by clicking the "calculate!" button (see below). This works even very fast on the WebGL target.

Wind Moved Vegetation

CopperCube supports automatic movement of vegetation, no matter if it was generated inside CopperCube or imported from external 3D models. There is no performance impact, everything is computed on the GPU. Wind parameters are easily adjustable.

Realistic Realtime Water

CopperCube supports rendering realistic looking water surfaces on all targets. Highly customizable, you can create everything from it:
 ● Lakes
 ● Rivers
 ● Oceans
It even works quite fast on slow targets such as WebGL. Water color, transparency, flow direction, wave shape and more can be adjusted easily.

Fast Physics

In addition to the default, blazingly fast collision and repsonse system built into CopperCube, the Windows .exe and Mac OS X .app targets include a full physics engine. There is a behavior available named 'Move object by physics engine' for making objects behave, collide and move like objects in the real world. Objects with the 'Collide when moved' behavior will also collide against those then and be able to move them, roll them over etc. There is also a way to react when an object collides with the world, for example to play sounds, and a way to manually apply forces to objects using scripting.

Special Effects and Post Effects

CopperCube supports particle effects for creating complex particle simulations, creating effects like: fire and smoke, rain and snow, water fountains and more. Pro users also have Post-Processing effects such as Bloom, Blur, Vignette, Colorize, Invert and more. And again, all this works without programming.

No Programming necessary

To make your 3D scenes interactive, you can utilize CopperCube's simple click-only event/action system:
You can easily define actions which should happen (like playing a sound, opening a website, showing an item etc.) when an event happens (like the user clicked on an item or reached a certain area). No programming needed here.

Nice and quick Lighting

The CopperCube editor has a built-in lightmapper which can enhance the appearence of your 3D scene greatly. Just place a few lights and click 'calculate'. The lightmapper even features global illumination effects and is very simple to use.

First class WebGL support

CopperCube generates highly optimized, fast and small WebGL apps which run directly in any web browser. In constrast to other products, where the JavaScript files might get several dozen MB in size, the JavaScript file for CopperCube is just 182 KB in size (version 5.0). And includes all features. This means WebGL apps created by CopperCube download quickly, start fast and run fast.

On top of that, the WebGL engine is open source and well documented.

Prebuilt Game Behaviors

Wether you want to create a simple 3D game, a complex, epic adventure, or a first person shooter: CopperCube includes precreated game AI behaviors and actions, since CopperCube version 2. No need to program anything, just click your game characters and enemies together.

Advanced Animation

CopperCube supports realtime 3D animation. It supports playing back animated meshes with an unlimited amount of joints and an unlimted amount of weights. CopperCube can do realtime animation blending and attach any object to any joint. You can model and animate characters using any 3D software, export it into one of the supported file formats and then import them into Coppercube.
The editor also includes a simple animation editor, to cut and define named animation cycles. See details in the
Animation Documentation.

Powerful Scripting

To make your 3D scenes even more interactive, you can utilize scripts and and influence every aspect of the whole scene.

 ● You can use Javascript on all publishing targets, using the same
scripting API.
 ● When using the WebGL target, there is an additional second JavaScript API available, in case you want access WebGL directly.
 ● You can create own materials using the
shader programming API.
 ● Users of the studio edition can use C++ (Windows / Mac OS) and Java (Android) to customize their apps as they wish.

There is a full reference of all scripting functions and several tutorials and examples in the
Coppercube Documentation.

Procedural Tree Generator

CopperCube includes a procedural Tree generator, so you can make your own 3D Tree models quickly.
The generated trees are optimized for realtime 3D rendering and have a low amount of polygons, but look very nice anyway. After generation, they can be still customized and edited freely.

Integrated Texture Packer

CopperCube includes a built-in texture packer, which is useful if you are using 3D models (for example downloaded from the web) which weren't optimized for games. Most of 3D models available online have lots of textures applied to them, which slows down your game while rendering. You can simply right-click such a model in the editor, and select "Modify -> Pack all textures of selection into one", which will optimize your 3d model automatically, and make it download more quickly and render much faster.

Video Playback

The professional and studio edition of CopperCube includes an action to play back videos on the Windows .exe and WebGL target. Videos can be played back in 2D and 3D (like on any 3D object in a scene), it is possible to influence playback with actions (play/stop/pause) and to react when the video playback has been finished or playback failed. See details in the
Video Documentation.

Open Source

The important parts of the game engine are open source:

 ● The whole WebGL code is open source for everyone.

Additionally, studio edition users get:

 ● The full Windows C++ client source code
 ● The full Mac OS C++ client source code
 ● The full Android Java client source code

The code can be extended freely and adapted to the needs of your games.

Steam Integration

Games created with Coppercube as Windows .exe automatically have Steam integration built-in. There is support for the Steam-Overlay and an easy way to use Steam Achivements, even without programming.
(Note: This of course only works if your game is published on Steam.)

Games Created with CopperCube

There are lots of commercial games created with CopperCube already:

PostCollapse on Steam
Painted Legend on Steam
Frontiers of Independence
Letters Kingdom
Mutation X 0915
 ● and a
lot more

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